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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it can be. Thanks to our design system, up to 4-5 storey buildings can be built.

Planning usually takes 3-4 weeks, followed by construction in our assembly hall for an additional 6-10 weeks. On-site installation in just a few days.

If it is a residential plot and is used as a residential house, it is subject to the same building regulations as other types of construction.

The site must be accessible by truck and crane.

In fact, there is no perceptible difference. The only difference is in the static frame, because instead of brick we build a steel frame structure, otherwise we use the same building materials as in any other construction.

The price of our Module and container houses starts from 450,000 HUF / m2, of course the upper limit depends on the needs of the customer. Compared to the construction of a brick house, approx. 25-30% seed savings can be achieved.

Thanks to the seamless organization of the design process, tried and tested technical details and standardized manufacturing processes, clear savings in design costs can be achieved.

The cost of building a modular building is approx. 25-30% cheaper with traditional construction costs or can sometimes be lower. However, since production in a “room factory” is not dependent on weather conditions, ModulArch can build all year round, making the building up to 70% faster. First, it shortens the financing period, and shorter financing periods have a positive effect on the interest payable. Second, the property can be transferred and rented faster so revenue can flow sooner. In addition, with certified processes and constant supervision, the modular design is synonymous with quality. Considering that the “number one factor” in charging costs locally is to correct the errors, the modular design simply provides security for investors – in terms of technology, time and money.

In the modular design, the required raw materials and the exact size of the equipment are determined on the basis of subassemblies and parts lists, thus guaranteeing price security.

Individual module sizes can also be designed, but the basic module has a living area of 6 m* 3m, by multiplying which we also implement buildings of several hundred m2.

Yes, these buildings are also subject to the conditions set out in the “OTÉK”.

Yes, these buildings can be dismantled later and moved to another function at any time.

Because the building materials from which we build our buildings are the same as traditional buildings, there is no difference in lifespan.

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