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As a child, LEGO and building blocks were all our favorites. Building a building from a MODULE or a container comes to mind not only for those who want to create an apartment or any other room cheaply. It also turns in the mind of anyone who desires something special. After all, the way of use is limited only by imagination. Modular buildings can be used immediately after quick construction and installation, saving time and money. It can meet a wide range of user needs by exploiting its potential. Be it a home, a workplace or a community facility. Thanks to the structure of the modules, it is very robust and durable, and thanks to its standard design, it can be easily expanded. An additional advantage of the building made in this way is that it involves less waste due to the prefabrication of the plant, so by choosing this technology we protect our environment. All in all, therefore, we create apartments, houses, offices, catering units and halls that are energy-efficient, mobile, expandable as needed and, of course, cheaper than conventional construction technologies.

Modular Construction

Quick and Cheap.
Modern and unique, as You are!

The idea itself came from the need of everybody’s desire for affordable houses, apartments and office buildings. Our main goal is to further develop modular construction, to accomplish such unique desires, that is extremely expensive or nearly impossible to achive with conventional building technologies.


Restaurant, Office, Shop


School, Kindergarten, Nursery


Clinic, Hospital, Laboratory


Apartment blocks, Family house, Weekend house


Quality hostel for a  well deserved rest


Dorm rooms, student apartments in the service of learning

Modular Construction - the unique solution

ModulArch has extensive experience, is a pioneer and market leader in the construction of modular buildings. We work with innovative, sustainable construction methods in the construction of buildings.

Conventional building construction is an immensely complex process. MODULARCH makes it easy. From energy-efficient office buildings through schools and kindergartens to sophisticated healthcare complexes and attractive residential buildings – MODULARCH designs, engineers and build modular buildings from the ground up for their clients. MODULARCH is a prime contractor, so we manage every client from the first plans to their turnkey building.


In general, a 30% cheaper construction cost can be expected for a modular or container house. As an indicative price, it is possible to build from modular systems at a price of 450,000 HUF / m2.


We undertake our buildings with a deadline of 2-6 months, depending on the size and technical content


The insulation and energy efficiency of buildings depends only on the level of demand of the customer. You can even make a passive house.

factory prefabrication

Velence (Hungary) plant: 5700 m2 crane hall, welding robots, scheduled production, permanent manual workers

Shipping Container Solutions


Functional, fast, cheap.


Functional, fast, cheap.

Shipping Container Buildings


The possibility of modern cheap luxury.

ModulArch – masters of modular construction

Let's plan and build your dream home together!

Our young, creative team is destined to make many people’s dreams come true. In the 21st century, energy awareness, speed and the use of quality materials are the main considerations for customers. We offer a modern and conscious home, a functional office, a mobilizable factory space, and at the same time a cost-effective and fast construction for our customers and partners alike.

With our own design team and construction team, we offer a solution that would not be possible with other construction technology or at a significantly higher cost. Thinking together with the customer, we develop creative and cost-effective plans, so the end result is a unique and ingenious building that satisfies all customer needs. Many years of professional experience guarantee precise and demanding construction, thanks to which we create buildings of impeccable quality.


Modular examples from around the world

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